Fyreslayer Doomseeker

My apologizes for the late posting of this, but frankly I think hes worth it. I’m not really a fan of the Fyrers, I mean I like a muscle bound ginger dwarf in very little clothing as much as the next man. But I’d never collect an army of them. Still this guy is great and I’m glad Warhammer Quest gave me an excuse to paint one. The model itself is a drastic improvement on the old world “Slayers” who used to resemble bears with legs and arms sticking out. I absolutely love all the little details on this guy and he genuinely looks hard as nails. I have a friend who loves dwarfs so I’d imaged this is the hero he will be playing as. As far as commentary goes I’m the most happy with his hair and beard, and least happy with how the runes branded into his flesh came out. Keep your eyes peeled as my Tzaangors are about 80% completed at time of posting so expect them on here very soon!

Daemons of Tzeentch


These little bad boys are way overdue, honestly, I’m my own worst enemy. You would assume finishing my first year of studying for my History Degree would mean I’d have found more room to paint. I’m determined to get a habit of this, like I have with exercise and my language study. The plan is that I have to paint a little EVERY day. Even if it’s just to do a single coat or colour, if it works this blog will be the tell…


Now I’m personally really happy with how the pink horrors came out. These were a pleasure to paint honestly, or at least the first one was. You really can’t appreciate how freaky these things are in grey…


The blue horrors I’m less happy with but they are smaller and my personal art style didn’t play well into the small muscles and such. I really do love the sculpts, the one with the single large eye and curling up warp energy really reminds me of something you’d seen in the original DOOM.


Maybe I’m a little old school but I’ve never heard of a brimstone horror before WarhammerQuest Silver Tower. They are cute little things, but oh my are they small. All things considered I’m really proud of how much ‘detail’ I was able to get on these little 🔥 imps. I was aiming for a fire that burns inside out with red at its core, as well as it burning in all directions with no point of origin. You know cause they are little daemons. I dont know, but I enjoyed myself and I think they look great.

Seriously getting excited now to finish off this box set so we can actually play it…. Gonna be two firsts for me. Playing WarhammerQuest and playing with completely painted miniatures. Considering I’ve been into this kind of thing for over a decade that’s a joke!




Excelsior Warpriest & His trusty Gryph-hound

This was the hardest member of the Party so far, and if it wasn’t for the gryph-hound turning out in a way that I liked I might not have made it through this model. Honestly the lightning bolts I think is what gave me the real trouble and I’m far from happy with it, I’d just gotten to the stage where I could do no more and was just making it worse. Still, I always loved the old Empire warrior priest. I remember when Warhammer Online came out and there was an awesome advert with one in it that made me really want to play Warhammer or the MMORPG. Alas, I was twelve and could afford neither. In all seriousness, this guy isn’t really the same thing – but he basically is the AoS equivalent and any points he lost to the old classic is made up for by his pet GRYPHHOUND (did I mention he has a dog that’s half bird and it’s awesome?). I know my partner will be playing as this fella (he has a pet, that’s kinda how they do) and I hope they realise how much of a @£%~# it was to paint. So much so that at this time I’m working on the Daemons instead, splitting the Heros into two groups. I need a break from them….

Mistweaver Saih

So my first update, and hopefully not the last. This week i’m showing of my Mistweaver, shes and Elven mage (I refused to word the term Aelf or any-other greed fuelled copy-write cash grab made by GW in the AoS reboot)  that I honestly didn’t like much based off what i’d seen online. However having physical hold of the miniature and having time spent painting it, shes grown into one of my favourites from the set. I love the dynamics of the sculpt. She’s got plenty going on without becoming too “busy” like a-lot of Games Workshops miniatures now-a-days. Still she was quit difficult to paint but am reasonably happy with the result.                                                                                                                                     It will be interesting in WarhammerQuest Silver Tower, you don’t need a ‘Game Master’, its enemies actions are rolled from charts and the dungeons are random. This is great for someone like me as i’m ALWAYS the GM/DM. A position I love, it suits me well, in-fact in the rare instances I’ve found myself not the Games Master in a pen-and-paper RPG, I’ve found my self missing my traditional role. Still I do look forward to actually being able to play as a Hero in a miniature based dungeon crawler such as WarhammerQuest, and I think I’m most so certainly going to be playing as this character, I specifically like how the focus is less on her staff and more on her rather intimidating Elven short blade the mage brandishes with a air of confidence most nontraditional of the token “magic” user in any game or setting like this….

Okay so it’s been a While (and Warhammer Quest)

So iv been off this for a while and for good reason. Iv started studying my Bachelor of Art in History. So honestly I’ve been distracted. Still the only person who reads these are my loving life partner River anyway so I’m apologising to nobody. Still I finish in April and i’m working on a Few projects atm so I’m going to be posting on here more regularly from now on.

So Games Workshop released a second instalment in it’s Warhammer Quest Reboot and I didn’t have the first so i treated myself and splurged on both of them. I absolutely love dungeon crawlers and Warhammer Quest is infamous as being one of the oldest and best ones. I’m keen to give this a try but im adamant that I’m not letting anyone touch it until iv got the stuff painted up. So expect to see the stuff inside Silver tower submitted on this blog as I paint the stuff. This is also gives me an excuse to dip my toes in Age of Sigmar. Which I’ve honestly up until now I have been avoiding since the End Times as I’ve always been a big fan of the Old World, time will see if I’ll warm up to Age of Sigmar.

Me Opening the Box for the First time:                                                   https://youtu.be/B7hkr9TkEK8                                                                                                                   ———————————