Kairic Acolytes


I might love these models, and considering I lost a week to a trip. Having these done in less then a month since I submitted the Tzanngors, is an absolute record for me personally. I now have more digits then models left to paint, so this is getting close to being finished. I’m actually really happy with the paintjob as well. Considering they are a large group of models especially. but I was grossly mistaken when I said they would be easy to paint…

21733763_1577275415628001_755285295_o I went with a really simple colour scheme with these guys, I thought the mostly naked flesh would go well with a simple white and gold colour scheme. Most people online I’ve seen paint these guys add blue into mix, but I think after painting the Tzaangors I’d had enough of blue. I’m glad I didn’t as well, as the two remaining tzeentch models are blue from head to toe pretty much (and one of them is huge!), and with all the game tiles in Silver Tower being blue… well I’d got enough with blue already to say the least.


I think these guys were the hardest to get just-right. The shield and its curves I found very difficult, so honestly I’m happy they came out looking as clean as they do. I absolutely loves these guys swords, they look like they mean some real business.

21730008_1577275435627999_1737852199_o “Join me, it is your destiny!” – I cant be the only person who thinks that looking at these two, lovely lovely sculpts and ‘Oh Boy’ are their glaives awesome looking.


Like I said in the first paragraph these guys were a lot harder to paint then I’d first anticipated, the large amounts of flesh was particularly difficult to work with from both a skill and fatigue perspective. The last layers took five hours-ish to apply to the group and its rather tedious. I’m very very happy with the results and the only thing I’d change going back is how I’ve painted them all white. Probably add some different skin tones into the mixture to break apart the duplicate sculpts and to keep myself sane while painting.


“WiP” I love this photo, this is coming along well, and I think now that I can see the end goal I think I’ll double my efforts with painting. The lovely big space in-front of the priest is reserved for them pesky grot scuttlings.

I don’t think I really cba painting the new multi-part plastics for these guys, that come with hammerhal. Maybe ill just flog the sprues and just use these guys in that game. Save me some money and time painting more models. Who knows!




Omg how late are these, I’m terrible I know. I might actually be one of the worst painters on the face of the world. I really do like these, I like the sculpts but I boxed myself into a corner with the armor. The red and yellow color scheme looks ace but it was so painful to execute. Anyone who paints or knows me personally know I hate yellow as its a terrible to work with, and the red just made it worse. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy with it but I’d been putting this off for about a month. They were sat on my desk about 85% finished for far too long (weeks). Still I’ve got less then a month until I’m back at Uni (I’m very excited) and I promised myself I’d get Silver Tower finished before I got back so, I’ve gotten of my fat backside and I’ve kicked myself into gear.

I was kinda going for some sort of divided allegiance for the models, I wanted them to come across as if they were dedicated to some kinda of order of power, worshiping Tzeentch and Khorne equally, this was done to break up the rest of the boxset, as all the enemies are all very much Tzeentch worshipers and very much blue from head to toe. I’m going to be working on the cultists and the barbarian next, since they collectively are made up of about 70% flesh they should be easy enough to paint. I’m not going to say they will be done much quicker then the rest as Its a promise I’ve made before in the past but I’m aiming to have them done ASAP.


Daemons of Tzeentch


These little bad boys are way overdue, honestly, I’m my own worst enemy. You would assume finishing my first year of studying for my History Degree would mean I’d have found more room to paint. I’m determined to get a habit of this, like I have with exercise and my language study. The plan is that I have to paint a little EVERY day. Even if it’s just to do a single coat or colour, if it works this blog will be the tell…


Now I’m personally really happy with how the pink horrors came out. These were a pleasure to paint honestly, or at least the first one was. You really can’t appreciate how freaky these things are in grey…


The blue horrors I’m less happy with but they are smaller and my personal art style didn’t play well into the small muscles and such. I really do love the sculpts, the one with the single large eye and curling up warp energy really reminds me of something you’d seen in the original DOOM.


Maybe I’m a little old school but I’ve never heard of a brimstone horror before WarhammerQuest Silver Tower. They are cute little things, but oh my are they small. All things considered I’m really proud of how much ‘detail’ I was able to get on these little 🔥 imps. I was aiming for a fire that burns inside out with red at its core, as well as it burning in all directions with no point of origin. You know cause they are little daemons. I dont know, but I enjoyed myself and I think they look great.

Seriously getting excited now to finish off this box set so we can actually play it…. Gonna be two firsts for me. Playing WarhammerQuest and playing with completely painted miniatures. Considering I’ve been into this kind of thing for over a decade that’s a joke!