Darkoath Chieftain (a.k.a The Barbarian Anti-Hero!)


This is the infamous (ex)poster boy of the WarhammerQuest franchise and the best character for anybody who was new to the game. Now he might no longer be the golden boy (Get it, because now its a Stormcast Eternal…and they have golden armour… No? *clears throat* Sorry.) but this mean hunk of muscle still means business.

First off with the sculpt and the painting. The model is beautiful, I love the detail. However, the real star of the show is the posing and expression on his face. It just oozes character. This guy a badass, and he knows it. Its got an air of confidence and a hint of cockyness to it that just makes me absolutely love it. He was a pleasure to paint too, lots off different details to work with without being to confusing.


In the game he looks like alot of fun for a hands on combat kind of player, he doesn’t have anything to take away from just attacking minions (even his renown is just deal x damage in a single turn) but honestly sometimes that’s exactly the kind of experience you’r looking for in a game like this, If one dimensional. Hes also got a pretty good character for standard play. Its just a shame the chaos marauders models are so out of date (look at the proportions compared to this lovely model) otherwise I think i’d have half a heart to make an unaligned barbarian horde!