BattleReport – Age of Sigmar, Thunder and Blood.


My long time friend and fellow geek had just lucked into a small collection of age of sigmar models, we played 40k together after I’d gotten them into it when I started studying at his University and he picked up himself some Necrons. Their flat mates had all started to move out of his accommodation and one of them basically gifted them some models they’d given up with, in exchange for a couple small favours. I figured there was no point for us both having the Khorne side of the AoS starter set and I was pretty keen to get another friend to play Age of Sigmar with, so I decided to let them have my Khorne models to buff up his collection. I was finding it hard to decided whether to play the Stormcast or the Bloodbound anyway, so honestly the whole exchange was a blessing twofold.


Their army was now larger then mine which was a little frustrating and I knew I’d have to get some Judicators to buff up my side to 1000pts for next time. Still we were playing matched and a couple of their units would sit this one out. Neither of us had much experience with AoS, this obviously being their first game and this being only my second (and first with the stromcasts!) but honestly that’s what makes AoS so good, its so simple and easy to get into that this really didn’t turn out to be a problem.


The game was set, we decided to just make our own simple objectives up, the three glass tokens were objectives which any model could control, worth 3 victory points a piece, and the slaying of the enemy warlord was worth the same. The first turn involved mainly all units moving up the board, with myself having priority. It would be my first… and last time I’d act first for the rest of the game.


At the start of the second round the Lord-Relictor and Reributors found themselves in the charging range of the Khorgorath due to my opponents generals ability and he used all of their attacks to try and kill the Relictor taking three of his five wounds, my Relictor tried to heal himself with healing storm but failed, but after both rounds of combat the four Stromcasts were able to bring down the beast to its final two wounds. On the opposite flank Prosecutors fell back baiting the Bloodwarriors, throwing of a round of missile damage with their celestial hammers, inflicting  3 wounds, all of which were failed.


The start of the third turn began with the Khorne declaring a series of charges which all failed, which was met with a series of laughter on my behalf, which was cut short when at the start of my turn my Lord Celestant failed a charge from 3″ away. My Liberators charged his Aspiring Deathbringer and they began to clash over the middle objective, scoring a whopping zero wound, then the Deathbringer did exactly same. Prosecutors took more pot shots at the Bloodwarriors inflicting four wounds, the Bloodwarriors failed ALL of them again, meaning they had failed seven saves on a four plus in a row, unlucky!


In the centre of the board at the start of the 4th turn, the Khorne opened up the portal of skulls in an effort to turn back the loosing combats, however with the Reributors having slayed the Khorgorath they were able to join the central scrum with my second unit of Liberators and the Bloodreavers . The large number of attacks hit the bulk of the Reributors and did not fault them (they inflicted two wounds which wasn’t enough to finish of a single member and in retaliation the two units of stormcasts reduced the reavers to just a champion and a standard). The Aspiring Deathbringer had worse luck, my Liberators scored three wounds in their combat phase, and as my opponent rolled his dice I declared “you’ll be find unless you fail all three”, it goes without saying (especially considering the guys luck thus far!) what happened next and with that the far right flank had crumbled. However far to the left, what was left off the Khorne forces slaughtered the Prosecutors and moved themselves in a position to attack my General, as we entered the final turn the Might Lord of Khorne declared that if he was too die this day he was taking the  Lord Celestant down with him.


With a mighty roar the  Lord Celestant’s Dracoth breathed forth a bout of flame at the oncoming Khorne forces, but it would take more then flame to stomp the forces of Chaos from entering combat, with earth shattering screams the two generals clashed in the centre of the battlefield, the Mighty Lord of Khorne bringing his reality tearing axe of Khorne high into the sky and…. fumbled all of his attacks and is destroyed in a single round of combat by the Celesant and his Dracoth…

Well that was a bit of a one sided game but with all things considered it was bound to happen when it was their first try at a brand new system. Still I think it was a-lot to do with the dice Gods, I can’t wait till I can buff up my force to get 1000pt to match their army and we can have a rematch now that they have had a chance to familiarise themselves the rules (and the power of the Reributors! these guys are expensive, but they do crazy amounts of damage in combat). Age of Sigmar is a really fun little game, It’s nice to play something that’s more focused on fun. I really do need to get my stormcasts painted up. They would probably be the first thing on my list after (IF I EVER) finish WarhammerQuest. Next will be the Tzaangors who I’m just applying the final details too.

BONUS —- Their first conversion, combining part of  the spare gutted lord of khorne with his original Khorgorath to create a unique looking one, think it looks ace!21.jpg

BattleReport – Super Dungeon Explore, Forgotten King


The game was a three hero match, taken straight from the Forgotten King box, all the Bosses and Spawn are the ones from that, the Old Growth and Bramble Knights with the Forgotten King in charge with Boris and the Trenth. River was using the Nether Assassin for some range attacks (their own miniature), Thunderviel Huntress for melee and mobility and the Tabbybrook Mage for some healing and offensive magic.


The first spawn was quickly dispatched, chiefly due to a large number of botched offensive attempts on my (the council’s) part. The Huntress quickly acquired  +1R offensive dice from a loot draw and the little damage I could inflict was quickly healed by the Freyjan mage. The hero’s were completely ignoring the sprout to my disappointment.  However, after the spawnpoint was destroyed, fortunes would swing when the mini-boss appeared in the dungeon.


The Trent would prove to give the hero’s a lot of trouble, he has high defensive stats coupled with ‘Tough’ and its ability to force hero’s to discard loot cards caused a war of attrition, it would take the hero’s a long time to whittle down the first mini-boss and at the cost of a lot of the loot they had managed to scrape together. Needless to say even if Trent had failed to kill the hero’s he had achieved a victory for the council, that was until he died and gave River, Chomp, which in my opinion is the most powerful pet.

Incase you’re not too familiar with SDE, pets are a rare but pretty powerful treasure because they don’t take up your “one treasure per hero slot” and basically function like a small minion your hero gets, that they can bring back to life if it dies. Chomp has an AoE attack that deals fire at 2R dice, which lead to the Tabby’s pet pulling more weight than the Assassin was at this point. The second spawn point was dispatched in a third of the time of the first, however the council did have one last play to make in this tile before the last mini-boss would be called upon.

That will teach River to ignore my sprout! or at least it would have if he actually did anything, alas at this point the hero’s were well enough equipped to beat up the KingSprout without taking too much damage, my ploy of hiding the Turniphead (or should I say Carrotheads) just out of sight to heal up the little shop of horrors failed when Kelly got behind the massive Paranaplant and her crossbow saw an end to that plan.


To get off topic a little bit, Boris is a cool character, his fluff is interesting and I like how he plays, he’s not a bad mini-boss, and in the right game and situation he can completely TPK the hero’s. This was not one of these games. Poor Boris has high attack, lots of actions and low defence, River had equipped the Huntress in the very same vein, however the huntress had a pocket-healer, and the design of the second tile only sealed poor Boris’s fate, he was quickly dispatched after an honourable effort.

The last room and spawn had plenty of time to set up, and I had one last play to give the Forgotten King the biggest chance of killing the hero’s (and he was going to need it as River still had both princess coins), using my remaining minions to do as much damage as possible before forcing a spawn at the perfect time on my own terms to get my last set of models on the table, and trigger the boss battle in a single turn, sneaky but necessary if I wanted a chance to win. To make matters worse Boris had yielded another pet to the party! Admiral Fuzzybottom. The luck the party was having, you’re lucky to see a single pet in a full game of 5 hero’s!


The pieces were set, the Forgotten King spawned, he quickly used his teleportation ability and Hubris to execute a pincer attack and finish of a wounded Nether Stryder, finally, my first kill of the game. The Huntress too busy finishing off the remains of the Old Growth spawn and by the time she wasn’t, the King had utilised his ability to disappear again, with the Tabbybrook on her heel (hoof?) they proceeded to chase the Dungeon’s master with a freshly revived Nether Stryder. Again, the King ambushed the hero’s, this time killing the Freyjan mage. The last princes coin was spent, and if I could kill the healer again I might have had a chance here.


In the end the hero’s won. Which is a good thing really, as much you should never let your hero’s win. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a regular Dungeon master but I enjoy the experience rather than focusing on winning and losing, it was a close one, at timeout bringing a Grobbit back onto the board was a big help, but in the end the Hero’s party had skilfully chosen its loot to enable maximum status effect and being staggered by my inability to remove the princess coins before the final match means I lost my momentum and the Forgotten King would remain forgotten, cast to the ground dishonoured and in flames.


In conclusion I really did enjoy this game, it had its ups and downs for both of us and that’s what you really need for a game like this. I don’t think Kelly will see much use outside of her native intention of being a mini-boss as River disliked her as a Hero and felt that she failed to drag her weight. Still, any game when you get TWO PETS is a good game in even my books, and I was on the receiving end of it! To think, I have been playing this game for so long, and this will be one of if not the last session of the game I will play, at least in this form, as second edition is due to come out this year (even if forgotten king was the second edition they released but I’m not going to argue!). A Kickstarter that I was part of and very excited to receive. I really need to get myself motivated with painting and I hope this little diversion makes up for that. The Daemon will be uploaded in the week and hey maybe I will upload another post like this again some time!