Scratch Built Hobbit Milita. WIP


There is something wrong with GW. Well we all know there is alot wrong with games workshop, but specifcally I’m referring to is their habbit of making cheap horde armies in Middle Earth Battle Strategy game in small metal/resin blister packs. This practice killed the game pretty much before it was made into a pesudo specialist system under forgeworld. This nasty habbit applies to the Shire faction, their core units are (unsurprisingly) quite meek and thus cheap. Nobody wants to spend a premium for a bunch of models that makes up an incredibly small number of in game points, and as much as metal (or resin when it isn’t bubble ridden finecast) yields greater detail it’s a pain to deal with in large numbers, chiefly due to weight and paint chipping. This was the dialogue I was having with myself when my partner expressed an interest in playing Lord of the Rings with me (which is my favourite wargaming system, due it’s focus on more cinematic game play and rich preexisting lore) but unfortunately they had their heart set on the Shire. Now I could have spent a small fortune buying the official models, but more then the cost or even the akward materials what put me off was how limited the sculpts would be. Which would be even more noticeable in what is typically considered a horde faction (your typical war faring hobbit cost as much as a goblin!)


The above photograph is what each of these custom hobbits are made from, I never really had done much green-work. Most conversions I’d done were kitbashing, however when I stumbled across 36 plastic fellowship hobbits ( 12 Frodo, Merry and Pippins) on eBay for a “reasonable” price I couldn’t help but take the chance. After all I don’t even understand how anybody would just randomly own this many of these hobbits and they are all from a £70ish OOP Lord of the Rings starter set, which obviously only contained one of each party member. I’m pretty happy with the results and I’m certain they will look alot better when they have been painted up. Should take the eyes away from my questionable greenstuff modelling!

(Click below for close ups of the individual custom milita)


One thought on “Scratch Built Hobbit Milita. WIP

  1. River says:

    You’ve done so well with them. You’re really good at modelling with green stuff. Can’t wait to see them painted. 🙂 I just didn’t want to play with anything else.


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