Throw Back Thursday: Nyan Nyan

Now I’m going to be doing this as well since my ability to paint consistently could do with some work. I am working on the Daemons from the silver tower like I said I would, I promise. They are about 55% done? Well I digress, this will no be a consistent thing, maybe once every month or so is what I’m expecting. Think of it as a tag to represent stuff I painted BEFORE making this blog, as everything I catalogue traditionally has been made since it’s a chronicle of my current painting. So disclaimer obviously by that nature, some stuff may not be as good e.c.t. Obviously, that goes without saying but ya-know.

Enough with the paperwork, The Nyan Nyan is a very special piece for me. I’ve been into SDE for a long time. Like the pre-base game, (id love to get my hands on some of the old metal Kobolds, wouldn’t open them, just keep them in the blisters). I can remember when this figure was a convention exclusive, or at least very difficult to obtain in the UK, I can remember them selling for £35+ on Ebay when I finally found one for around retail I’d wanted the box for nearly a year. The figure is lovely and the paint job is supposed to be Parter (who I’m still with fyi) and that was some two plus years ago. At least the skin tone and hair, I always remember 1st edition versions ‘Nine-Lives’ ability allowed the Hero to cheat Death on a (R)2★+, and if they cheated death once, the next time you died you just tried again and again. Now that’s not AS overpowered as it sounds, it’s pretty much a 1/3 chance of failure. But it was too strong and was nerfed from forgotten king onwards, with the ability working pretty much the same but being a ‘one use only’ deal. I like most things “Neko” so the idea of the Freyjan race appeals to me, if not new or original it fits the theme of the game perfectly, I really should get around to painting the Freyjan mage I purchased last year for a normal blog post….


6 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday: Nyan Nyan

  1. River says:

    I love this so much. I remember being insulted by the fact you painted it so dark, as if you didn’t even know what my skin tone was. I really want to get back into painting.


    • Honestly, you had been gone for a few months when I painted this, and this had been repainted I think, to make her paler. Still, I think it’s a little disgusting that this model was painted nearly two years ago and I’ve made so little improvement.


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